What the heck? I'm so confused. MIL called and sounded perfectly normal.

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For the past couple of years MIL has been showing distinct symptoms of dementia. She sees people, thinks everyone is stealing from her, thinks husband is dating Walmart employees, accused the mail lady of being a hore and stealing her mail - then sneaking in the house and leaving it all on the bed. The list goes on and on. Now we get a phone message where she sounds 100 % normal. How is this possible.


VERY possible and quite common. Moments of lucidity can appear and disappear within one conversation.
Well that was short lived. Just got another call..... Here we go again- lol
My mother always sounds totally okay on the phone when she talks to my brothers. It is easy for her to showtime for a few minutes. As her dementia gets worse, she's having a harder time sounding normal even for a short time. It used to drive me crazy, because I would talk about the things that were wrong and they would say, "She sounded okay to me."

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