My mother has stopped eating and drinking until she goes home.

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My mother has stopped eating and drinking until she goes home. My thought is for her to return home with caregiver. The individual will do the best they can. I don't believe in forcing her, as she has been a strong willed person and very independent. I don't want now to force her into a life that she abhors.


Is Hospice involved? What is her primary ailment?
Dear Sandra; Please tell us a bit more about where your mom is, why she is there and how long she's been there.

Has she been evaluated by a geriatric psychiatrist?

My MIL, post open heart surgery, post stroke refused to do rehab. She HAD to be in a care facility as she could not care for herself (she thought she could) and was admitted to a Skilled Nursing Facility.

She very purposefully starved herself to death. It was sad; it was unnecessary, but she was deemed competent to do so by a psychiatrist.

If folks are competent, they can make their own choices.
My grandmother starved herself to death.
She begging my Mother to shoot her. Mom flat out refused...duh
But, being a strong catholic she could not commit suicide.

So this was the way she did it. No amount of medication short of total sedation would stop her.

She was competent, it was a choice she made.

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