I need help :( She fell 4 times and the ambulance refuses to take her.

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The ambulance refuses to take my grandma and she very weak and starting to hear and see things. They won't even bother to get her to the hospital. She's shaking and twitching and she fell hard on her leg. She's crying out. But she playing them off by staying stern and not telling them where it hurts. But she won't cooperate with me. she told the neighbor shes fine and that she can walk but she cant put any pressure on it. I feel that she's playing games and everyone is taking her side while shes slowly starving herself. I need help :(


You need to contact your State Office for Aging or Elderly 800# they can assist you with referral to Adult Protective Services. When you file a report it must be investigated if Gram is in danger of harm to herself. When a professional evaluates her, they can help get the ball rolling for medical and psychiatric evals. The State Office for Aging can also get you info on what to do if Ambulance is required to take someone who is unable to make safe judgements. Get a camera or cell phone to record falls, injuries, uneaten food etc. Try to record Gram when she is hallucinating! Pics speaks loudest! Keep checking in here for support.
I will. It seems thats the only way to get anyone to do something. The sad part is no one is willing to help. And to get a report down it would be too late. She really needs some hydration since she's not eating. Yet she knew how to play it off saying she ate when she spit the food out I saw her do it. But the neighbor took her word for it and not mine. Her camera phone doesn't help much it only records 15 seconds. I think I'll use my camera and hope that one can see the twitching going on. You can see she's dehydrated and if she goes on like this she will be a the point of death like she was 3 times already and the psychiatrist isn't really helping either. He blamed me for it and said Im not doing enough to keep my grandma safe but she will do this on purpose to keep me here. She got upset that I'm trying to make a way for my life and planning on getting a caregiver to step in in my place but she refuses to let tht happen. She will continue to hurt herself or starve herself knowing that the doctors will tell me i have to stay with her. But no one believes me because she refuses to talk about it. :( I'm at wits end.
If there are any family members or friends in the area, invite them to eat with Gram at home or out. Then document what her intake is. Keep a log daily of her intake. Ask for help in obtaining a "nanny cam" to record behaviors. Call Adult Protective daily so it is on record that you are seeking help-they must investigate within 48hrs or less. Some Churches have "Parish Nurses" who do home visits and can add their assessment and interventions=take some of the pressure off you. Again, call your State Eldercare Office for referrals to community organizations that have volunteers who do whom visits -such as Meals on Wheels programs. When a person no longer has the capacity to make safe judgements, it takes more than the one person you are to provide a safety net. Whoever Gram likes, respects, talks to, allows in her home: these are potential supports for you and her. Keep coming back :)!
Thanks I called the doctors office and the nurse helped me get her to the hospital. I talked to some neighbors and they are willing to help me get a care taker for her. Right now I'm not sure what is going on but I have a neighbor who is willing to help me see her and get the ball moving on things. Thank you *hugs* I just hope she will listen to them to help her and to stop being stubborn. She really needs the help and I can no longer do it for her.

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