Mother was trying to be helpful and fed my dog vitamins instead of dog food. Dog is ok, but it was very emotional.


I went to help my sister move and was to be gone only a few hours. When I called to check on my Mom she said the dog had been throwing up a lot. I told her I would take care of it as soon as I got home. When I inquired about what food she gave the dog it was glucosamine tablets and the dosage was 2 a day. The dog ate way more of them as she poured the entire package that I had left on the shelf. The dog was very sick with throwing up, but otherwise ok. It just hit me kind of hard that my Mother is not the Mother that I used to know. How do you deal with this ? My Mother Years ago would never had made this mistake, yet she was trying to be helpful. She worried later that my dog would be mad at her for making her sick. It is like a charm od worried about stuff. Emotionally this is hard.

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Thank you all for your comments. Yes I think it was just more emotional and seeing that she is changing everyday. I thought I had baby proofed everything but I guess just like a child they see things you don't. Even though it sometimes annoys her that I make sure someone is with her always I remind myself that she did that for me when I was young and yes it annoyed me too, but I got over it. And yes I try to put out the fires and anticipate what is next, but still new at this and learning everyday. This particular incident was just more emotional for me for personal reasons and I really didn't expect to feel this way. I do go to this sight a lot for input and I am glad it is here for me and others. Thank you so much

The poor dog! I'm glad to hear he's alright. Your story reminded me of something that happen in a high school friends family: my friend was from a large family that ranged from an infant brother to older siblings in their early twenties- plus grandma lived with them. Grandma had dementia (I realize now but then everyone just treated her like "quirky grandma"). One day they caught grandma trying to feed raw, sliced carrots to the infant! Grandma was placed in a nursing home within the week. So yes - sounds like it's time to "child-proof" your home. And since every senerio can not be anticipated, it also seems your mothers times alone need to come to an end.

Momofsadie, sadly there comes a time where we need to "child proof" the house so that our elders don't get into situations such as your Mom did.

As Eyerishlass said above, it is so difficult to watch our parents age and decline. I am seeing my Dad [94] now going through this, and I am having a hard time dealing with as Dad was always so sharp.

It must have been a difficult realization to come to, that your mom is slipping and may need closer supervision. This is the next phase of her life. It's so difficult to watch out parents age and decline. It's heartbreaking and it's why websites like this are available, because it is so difficult.

No one ever thinks, "I'd better watch mom more closely so she doesn't give the dog it's medication instead of it's food." Usually a serious situation occurs and THEN we realize that we need to put safeguards in place. In other words, we don't realize that our parents need more assistance or supervision until a situation presents itself that demonstrates more assistance and supervision is necessary.

How to deal with this? It's like putting out fires and/or trying to stay 3 steps ahead so the fire doesn't start to begin with.

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