Mother doesn't think she is OK.

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my mom was in er this week with bronchitis. the dr gave her levoflacacine 750 mg for 5 days. her appetite isn't what it was she is eating however. she thinks something else is wrong with her that the drs or me are not saying. the dr said all the tests were normal she had which was urine, bloodwork, sputum,chest exray, ctscan of head,rectal hemocult test. she has anxiety guess what so do i with panic attacks.............. i don't know what to do please help


Is she having a full blown panic attatck? Short shallow breaths, ringing in ears, hands tingling... if so, get the to breathe into a paper bag , until she calms down... then get her to her dr. for a check up with this... there are meds for anxiety... let us know how things turn out....
i am the one with panic attacks not my mom. i take antianxiety meds and so does mom. i haven't had a full blown attack in years as long as i am on my meds

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