My mother has memory loss (dementia) and she has not slept in 2 days.

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My mother seems fine even though she has not slept in 2 days but at times when I look at her seems exhausted. And really WOW and shes is about 90 looks about 70. everyone says. I know she needs something for sleep I have tried what the doctored want it works but makes her mental worse the next day! I tried Melatonin and that don't work and even Vodka and brandy shots and nope nothing wow i am tripping!!! Help


I'm trying to put her in a Assistant living. Its taking long cause i want the best fr her and the best looking so far I have found nothing I like in this town for nursing care. Except for Assistant living....But they want all the money now and I don't have it till the 3d or the 10th! So i think I have no choice to put her in a skilled nursing. I'm lost
Wow! I would have thought that would have totally knocked her out. You may want to put in a call to her physician and tell them what's going on.
My father was having a similar problem; in addition he was hearing and seeing things. His body was not processing the pills he was taking (not dissolving and passing through "whole" in his colostomy bag).
After a visit to my father's PCM the other day, she told me to crush every pill that didn't say "do not crush." We did just that and added it to applesauce. I really didn't think he was going to make it up the stairs last night it hit him so quickly.
Of course the applesauce was awful, but he slept from 9 last night until 1045 this morning!
Best of luck.
I only wish we could afford assisted living, but he needs more assistance with all of his meds, colostomy and increasingly severe dementia.
Like I said Medication don't do good with her once it wears off. She is worse!. i don't like what they prescribes for them. It don't work makes them worse and sleep to long I told them look man put her on the lowest dosage because even the lowest dose they have and it knocks her out for 8 hrs! at least Id say!
The more meds they get the more worse they get! My mother NEVER TOOK MEDS! all her life. Just only if really need it. Me personal exp. don't mix meds they make them worse my mother almost died because i listened to the docs . She is doing better without. Hers Is mental.
We have this problem occasionally. You have to be careful with routine, anything out of the normal routine will set of the "sundowning". too many people around, etc. Are her meds off schedule, what is her diet like? Stay away from caffeine of any nature, that has helped tremendously. Sometimes 1/2 xanax will help at bedtime. Routine is key and sometimes you just have to go with the flow. Alchohol on top of all of those meds (my mom take 16 pills a day) is really not a good idea. A diluted wine cooler early in the evening may help but i never give my any kind of alcohol. if we go to a social even and she would like to have a drink, it's strictly wine or maybe beer, and 85:% water and then gingerale with a splash of wine or beer, nothing more and with her meal at the event. That's it.
Correction to my previous statement, any alcohol (wine or beer) given to my Mom is at a social event only and as you can see is 85% water and gingerale with a splash of wine or beer. No heavey alcohol what so ever.
lightedpumpkin after learning what I learned about Lewy Body dementia...I took mom off all those medications prescribed to her. I only gave her tylenol and advil pm and it helped. The LBD most of the patients will have adverse reactions to all those sleep medications. The problem lies with the brain chemicals...sarotonen being one, You mom is experiencing "Night Surges" due to the parts of the brain that the dementia is affecting or going bad...the other parts of her brain is surging with energy. Mom had this for about 2 months...I was going crazy. I finally stopped all the medications. After about a week...she started sleeping more..then we had 10 hour, 12 hours of sleep. It was wonderful. I will pray for you...I hope you get some sleep. Also if you qualify get was really hard the first time we did..but a week of sleep gives you a whole other perspective. I really does help. God Bless you...((hug))

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