I recently wrote regarding my mother who has dementia, is in a nursing home and is quite combative.

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Since that time she has started screaming for no reason at all. The doctor has her on zyprexia and ativan 2ce a day. Is this dementia or alzheimers? What is the best meds for calming her. Would appreciate your comments. Thank you.

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I'm so sorry, I do understand - my mother is in nursing home - never was screaming but was quite combative. The doctor has her on a low dose anti-psychotic medication and ativan. She is sooo much better. It truly calms her down and makes her life more enjoyable. I forget the name of it right now. If the zyprexia isn't working, then hopefully, something else will. Ativan works immediately and found that a 1mg. pill is much more effective than .5 as she was originally on. She can have one every 4 hours - but has to request it. Everyone reacts differently to meds, but sometimes just have to try different ones until the right one is figured out. These do not make her like a zombie or anything as some people think - she is as alert as ever, but not combative and it truly has helped tremendously. The screaming is heartbreaking - maybe needs to be seen by geriatric specialist if possible and if not already. Good luck and hope you find something that works. Sooo very sad. Take care.

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