My 92 year old mother thinks that it is Sunday.....for 3 days in a row now.

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Most days she seems fine but then she will say things that don't make any sense at all. My brother moved back home from Canada 2 months ago and she is telling people it was her GRANDson that just moved back here from Colorado.
Likely she is experiencing some dementia and confusion which can be common at her age. My mom is 89 and started same confusion about a year ago and the episodes and level of confusion is accelerating with each day. Most of the time; after the initial shock and frustration -- I have a good laugh about it with my brother or husband. I've stopped trying to correct her; I may gently correct her -- but it is short lived and pointless. She looks at me and says "Oh..." and then continues on. In my case; she is fixated on a couple things similar to your "grandson" story and for the life of me continues with that line of thinking and there is no changing it. I've learned to just ignore the descrepancies and move on to something else; letting go of the frustration. As for the days/dates -it is easy for elderly to lose track of time unless they have alot of daily activities or active calendar filled. My mom keeps a calendar and marks off each day -- thats the only way she can track what day it is. I mark Dr's appts or other events on it to help her remember. Birthdays, Anniv, holidays -- are long gone to her -- she never remembers (except her own b'day). Don't let it get to you; mention to the doctor at her next appt; and have a good laugh over it.
Sunday is a good day of the week, don't you think? This is only likely to be a problem if she shows up for church on Tuesday morning, or can't find her favorite program on tv.

Cherish the days where everything is fine, and keep an eye on the confusion to head off any situations that might be a little more risky than agetting the day of the week wrong.
She DID go to church everyday and there is a mass at 8am everyday so she had no clue. I guess it could be worse.

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