Shot myself in the foot today, used the TV guide accidentally while packing, just fuels Mom's insistence that people here steal....

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Ugh! I'm so aggravated at myself. Mom lives by the TV guide in the evenings, and from the moment I arrived almost two weeks ago, she's been telling me how "the people here" in the AL steal the TV guide. I gently try to steer her away from the stealing accusations, and we had a TV guide last week, and we had one for this week until this evening! I'm almost 100% positive that one of us tossed it in the packing pile and inadvertently used it while packing. So now she's getting all pissy about someone stealing the TV guide! Ugh! Other things she insists people have been stealing (which I actually find pretty humorous) her undershirts, her workout pants, her sweatshirts, her Metamucil, the TV guide... Yesterday we packed most of her clothes, so she's been a ranting a bit about how most of her clothes have been stolen. She used to be so fastidious, now she is so unfocused that she doesn't realize she's the culprit.


When I do things like this, I fess up and try to make amends. I say that I bet I accidentally used it to pack, but I'll run to the store to see if they have another. That will be a tough one to do if it is the guide that comes with Sunday's paper. Do the still make TV Guide, the magazine? The only major bad thing that may come out of it is in the future when something disappears, she'll remind you of the time you absconded with her TV Guide.
Ha Jessiebelle, you know that would be the one thing she would remember! Too funny. I did fess up, every time she fusses....
Funny how they do that. Mine will forget everything I want her to remember. But if I do anything wrong, that memory is fixed in her mind forever. :)
Honestly, I would just go out and buy a TV guide and bring it to her when she's not looking. Your "confession" will do neither of you any good.

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