Concerning my mother who is an Alzheimer's patient getting cataract surgery.

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No question, this time, but I did want to post a follow-up to the question I DID have back on Oct 3 .

I was very concerned, even her Doctor warned us that Alzheimers patients do not always do well with it because they usually rub their eyes a great deal plus they had to put her under anesthesia and they were concerned with her age. But 10 days ago she had BOTH of her cataracts removed and under general anesthesia and she did wonderfully. No problem with the anesthesia, she had a multitude of tests done beforehand, and the Doctor did a wonderful job. She only wore the shields for 3 days, did not go outside and is still sleeping with them but he told her today she is past the "danger point" and she sees perfectly. For someone who was blind with cataracts just 2 weeks ago, this is a new world to her.

A special thank you to jeanne gibbs on this site for helping to encourage me to go ahead and take the chance and thanks to her Doctor and Anathesiologist who handled the surgery perfectly!! She has a new set of eyes now !


That is great! So happy for both of you.
Mary, that is super. Bet your Mom is feeling better about herself, too.
Incredible news! It must be Amazing for her to be able to see again! Hopefully it will be a game changer for you, the caregiver too! God bless!
Thanks to all of you for your lovely Comments!
My Son and I went to see her today and they had brought beautiful Parrots into the Care Center for their patients! My mother was so thrilled to see them and their beautiful colors - the rest of the patients were enthralled with them also. I told my mom "look, you got your eyes back just in time!" Next week is dog week there, couldn't be better for her!

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