My mother (87) keeps accusing our neighbor of stealing her avocado trees.

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She planted some avocado's in a pot. She said that he came and took her pot. The next day she said he came and stole the avocados but not the pot. She went as far as going to his house to confront him. My daughter stopped her and told her to come back home. All this happened when I thought she was in the bathroom. We now lock all the doors and hopefully this doesn't happen again.
When I asked her, how do you know he took them she gets upset with me. This is not the first time she has accused him. She also accused my granddaughter of stealing her radio.
How do I handle her? Should I go and tell my neighbor what's going on just incase she finds a way to his house?


Have you talked to her doctor about this?
And yes, I would alert ALL of your neighbors to the fact that your mom has Alzheimer's and would they please alert you if they see her wandering.

Sadly, it may be time for a higher level of care.
Does she have a sun porch or an enclosed area where you can move the potted trees?
She has her own patio. She has multiple of fruit trees and flowers.
We have an appointment next month to see her doctor.
Her house is built within my house. For the pass 3 years, I've been living in her house and sleep next to her. My 4 children live in my house and help me.
I have other issues but I'll deal with them one at a time.
You might tell the neighbors your mom is getting a little confused, and to let you know if she goes a'wandering. They get funny ideas in their heads. I used to bring groceries over on Friday afternoon and I would cook a lot of food for mom to heat up over the weekend, package it all up, label it. I would go over on Monday - nothing had been touched. Why? Because she was saving it for: her parents (dead 50 years), my father (dead 15 years), my brothers (out of the house for 20 years). They were 'in and out of the house' and needed to eat it! So mom had a yogurt or crackers all weekend, 'saving' the food for the long-dead.

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