How much money is usually generated in this field?

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Besides 10 a hr. Whereare the best places to work? independent or Hospital or nursing hom

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As a caregiver working for an agency, you're taking care of 1 person at a time.

In a facility, for pretty much the same money, you're taking care of 9, 10, 11 patients.

Many facilities pay to educate their employees as long as you sign a contract to stay there for X amount of time.

Working privately for an agency there's more flexibility in your hours and schedule.

If you don't want to work for an agency, if you want to be independent, basically you're your own company. If you have a patient and you get sick you're leaving your patient high and dry unless you have someone who can and will step in but that can be very upsetting for the patient.

You are also responsible for taking out your own taxes. Your patients may want to see proof that you haven't been reported to the Family Registry and they may want references. There are many things to consider being an independent caregiver, these are just a few things.

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