Money can cause so much drama!

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Thank God that my Mom doesn't have any. She has a very rich son that supports her. Her home is in his name. His HOUSE, our home.He bought it for her and has been paying all her bills for many years. She always says she is happy she has nothing to fight over.

My Fathers wealthy aunt passed SIX years ago (on her 99th birthday) and my sister has caused SO much DRAMA and hard feelings over it for all this time. ( Its still is in litigation)

I don't get it. Take what you are given. It's MONEY! Is it worth more than the respect of your mother and siblings? I had lived out of state for over 30 yrs when her will was made. I THANK GOD she forgot me.

The last time I saw her I was in my forties and looking every day of them. I walked up to her after having not seen her in at least 25 yrs and she said " Boni! You are still so PRETTY!"

THAT was worth way more than a million dollars, any day.


I'm sorry, but I'm having a real bad day over this. She has been making Mom (and ALL of us) miserable for many years with all the drama and fighting. It wears me down some days.
Start humming "I got plenty of nothin' " whenever the topic comes up.
Is your sister in court to get more than her fair share?

I'm with you, Boni. I never had much money so it's never really been an issue but here and there over the last year or so since my dad died we've had some pretty hefty tax refunds for him and my brother and I just split it 50/50. No muss, no fuss.

I guess if there's a lot of money involved it's different, greed could rear its ugly head, but fighting over who gets what and why seems like such a waste of time to me. I can't imagine my brother and I doing that but they say money changes people so who knows? Any money that comes my way that I didn't count on is a blessing.
She is not legally fighting. My brother was aunts lawyer. A friend of his did the will. She says they defrauded her out of the the Apt Bldg that aunt promised her. She just whispers it behind brothers back. Mom slipped (verbally) the other day and brother called her to the carpet.
It's a really long story, but I am so over the drama that stresses Mom so much. I am the one that has to handle Mom. These are her last years. She really doesn't need this s***.
I'm starting to think sister is suffering some mental illness. She lies, manipulates and tries to put wedges between the rest of us so we don't compare notes.

Sister used to stop in and check on aunt once a month for years. I guess as a care giver I resent that she called the visits her "Retirement fund". Never had a nice word to say about aunt....or brother....or me....or mom....the list is as long as our family tree.
Darn it Pam! Now I can't get that song out of my head!
Thanks for listening ladies. I needed a vent.
BoniChak, your sister sounded like my Mom's sister who wasn't a happy camper when my grandparents' Will was read. Mom's sister didn't like the idea that the grandchildren got the bulk of the estate, so she threw a wrench into the distribution... got a lawyer... then another lawyer.... and another one, and finally a few years later the estate was distributed. Aunt didn't get one penny more than what she was given via Will... but she had a lot of attorney fees to pay :P
My sister has been jealous of my brothers money since his first million.
He has been so generous to all of us, through the years. No we don't have multiple vacation homes, range rovers, Ferraris or yachts like he does but we have unlimited access, if we are so inclined.. If we ever really needed something , all we would need to do is ask.
He did NOT win the lottery, he worked his BUTT off for it all. Not to mention, if it was not for him MOM would be destitute and the rest of us would have to help her financially.
We, me and both brothers, have a lot of other issues with this sister. Almost all of them boil down to jealousy of one thing or another.

Sorry to droll on about a trivial thing, but its about the unnecessary stress for Me and Mom. We have enough on our plate.

PLEASE don't take this as bragging, in ANY way! I personally don't have a pot to piss in. I am proud of him and appreciate what he does for me and Mom, but NO amount of money can make Mom whole again. A trillion dollars can't keep her alive longer.

I should have gone to the whine forum, but i thought this was going to be a quick vent. Obviously I am allowing her to get to me and I'm going to stop that right now!

Again, thanks for listening.
Ooo, Boni, eeeeeuuuwwww. Your sister used to say that? I expect she thought at the time that she was 'joking.' But apparently not, then…

Horrible atmosphere all this creates, toxic for your poor mother. Any chance of mediation???
I wonder if she was "joking" when she used to say " I can't wait till Moms dead, then I wont have to deal with 'brother' anymore" Or "When I was caring for Mom (not live in, very part time) I used to hope she would fall and wind up in the hospital, so I can get a break from her."

None of us want mediation. We just want here to leave us, the hell, alone.
I am really starting to think she has severe mental issues.

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