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After 3 difficult years mom passed away peacefully on Saturday. It is an incredible relief to know that she is no longer a shrunken, malnourished figure in a wheelchair, plagued by bedsores and in continual pain. She passed quietly in her sleep and so a painful chapter ends. Thankfully she always abhorred wakes, visitations, funerals...we were raised Catholic and endured so many of those. She will be simply cremated and her ashes scattered in three different areas that were meaningful for her. I feel at peace now because that was not my mom who existed these last three years; that was the shell of a once vital, active, outgoing person who changed so drastically that it was painful to see her. Thank you for all the support I received here. I think I will end my visits here with this post.


God Bess you {{{huggs}}}
Yes, God bless. I just lost mom two weeks ago. People ask "How are you doing?" I'm doing much better than I was before she passed. She's at peace now. I get it.
Come back soon. You have learned much and can guide others.
you may find that the emotional turbulence isnt over just because your mom has passed on . im one year past that point and have many things to resolve .
May God bless you all that have losses! Peace be w/ you all. You have my deepest sympathy & respect for all you have withstood. There is much honor in all you have done. With love, bloujeanbaby
My condolences. Yes, it was a difficult time these past 3 years. I'm just glad that she passed away peacefully. Whatever happens, try not to let it bother you that you cannot mourn her the way 'society' expects you to. Remember, in these past 3 years, you saw your mom slowly dying as each of her personality was whittled away by the disease. As each of her personality died, so you mourned it at that time. {{Hugs}}
Mom passed last week. Love this discussion as it's often hard to be reply to people who ask me how Mom and I are doing and it was pretty much my main topic about what I was up to and kind of a buzz kill as she progressed into that life of dementia. I would not trade a minute. But I too feel relieved. People ask where the donations should go to and what the arrangements are but it was just me and mom at the end. I suggest people go home and donate love to whatever family they have made. I come from a sort of different family. My Mom and I were both very quiet. A quiet friend brought me food and slept on the couch. The next morning was a wonderful quiet day looking out the windows, sitting under a comforter on the couch and seeing a robin hoping around ... bright red! So Marian's passing was quiet and peaceful and I guess I'm giving a shout out to all the quiets out there. Hello. Peace

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