Mom's poor attitude is rubbing off on me and I'm getting depressed.

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My Mother is 81 and her attitude stinks! Purely stinks! It is rubbing off on me and I'm getting depressed. I don't even want to be in the same room, so I go elsewhere. I am always kind to her but I'm truly sick of this living situation. I want her to move!!


Has Mother had a complete physical workup lately? Does she seem depressed -- that is, lacking interest in her life, without initiative, feeling worthless, etc? Ruling out any undiagnosed medical problems would be useful.

Did her attitude always stink? Is this new, or more of same? How was she when you were growing up?

Why is she living with you? Is she a lonely widow, or does she have a medical condition she needs help with, or can't she afford to live on her own? Are you a caregiver as well as her landlord/housemate?

I'm not sure what your question is here, but giving a few more details and telling us just what kind of response you are looking for may result in better targeted answers.

She needs to play with people her own age. Senior center nearby?
As Jeanne and any good doc will ask.., new or always? That's where to start.

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