Mom's morphine based painkiller has some pills "missing".

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My mother is currently on bed rest at home with a fractured lower back and a torn rotator cuff. She is 75 and has a little confusion, depression, and anxiety about being alone. She has in home round the clock girls staying with her including myself. Yesterday she said she has some Opana (morphine based narcotic) pills missing. We did not find them anywhere. I am not sure what to do, I really have no proof anyone stole the pills. I suggested she "hide" them in a place only the two of us know where they are. Any other suggestions?


yes if you have caretakers in your home when you are not there, I would set up a nanny cam and let the workers know that they are being recorded, that should defer them from stealing, you can tell them there is a camera in every room even is there isn't. hope this helps
She shouldn' have access to those. They should be locked up. The dr just threw pain mEDS at my mom (89 who has lived w me for 10 yrs). Combo of muscle relaxers and hydrocodone ended with her in a mental facility for a week to detox. We are able to make do w tylenol. It has been my experience that if teenagers are around meds go missing (no matter how good you have raised them). The temptation to use or sell hydrocodone is too great. Bottles should read "keep out of reach of teens."
For everyones sake, keep valuables and narcotics locked up. Give her the pain med yourself, or leave just one or two or what needs to be taken if you aren't there. This eliminates the temptation from her or others taking them. It is possible she could be confused from taking the meds and not remember taking them, but in any event, locking them up along with anything else that could be taken is what I would do and saves hurt feelings.
Locking them up is absolutely needed. Your mom shouldn't be in possession of them especially if she is forgetful. Keep them out of the reach of everybody. Yes, inmeshed, away from teens or in our case a 45 year old brother-in-law who'll steal meds or anything else for that matter that isn't under lock and key. A word to the wise, paid caregivers are virtual strangers in your home and a nanny cam is a valuable tool.
I had this happen before. My dad was on hydrocodone and fortunately he took them very little. My 28 yr old nephew stole 70 of them and sold them at street value for 5.00 a piece. The Dr had prescribed 120 of them per mth. I guess my nephew thought us "Old People" wouldn't notice that a large amount were gone. I couldn't prove he took them so the police couldn't arrest him. Mths later he is in our home gain this time to use our computer. The person sitting with dad had no knowledge of our past experience with him and let him in. He only stayed in the livingroom on the computer for 10 minutes and in that time he picked up a whole bottle of Ativan and left with it. I later found out that he didn't even know what it was.. he just took it. Again to sell. He only later confessed after being admitted to a drug rehab center. Lock up the medication. You never know someones secrets (drug habit, sells drugs etc) even family members.
By all means, lock them up. You wouldn't leave a $50. Bill laying on your dashboard, would you?
Thank you all very good advice, I am a newbie to this so I am sure I will have more questions. Very difficult juggling 3 younger kids and an elderly mother. I appreciate the support.
I agree with everyone else! Lock it up. Mother is on a vast array of medication. Since she chews her medicines, the doctor has her on liquid hydrocodone. I keep the active bottle on the kitchen counter, and the additional bottles locked up in the medicine cabinet, along with her other medications. That keeps everyone honest. I still have to be careful, because many people want "just a swig" and I have to tell them no. That is her medication, not a method for others to get high.
Good advice from everyone. Your Mom may be confused by the medication itself and may have taken more without remembering. If it's possible, you keep them and take them to her when needed. If not, leave only the next one she needs with her or the caregiver and explain that you think she may have taken extra without realizing. This will let them know you are aware that some were missing and you are keeping an eye out! Had the same issue here with a nephew stealling clonapen from Mom's bottle.
deefer12, you are right. Many people take additional medication unawares.

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