Mom's nursing home says it's closed on certain holidays.

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My mother was admitted to an assisted living facility in May of 2012. Her caregivers there recently told us they want us to take her from 10am-7pm every Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Can they legally ask us to do that? My mom needs 24 hour care, uses a walker, and has moderate Dementia. No one in my family is able to take her for that long, that is why we put her in an Assisted living home in the first place. Her caregivers are also being rather rude about it. Not really sure what to do about this. We, of course can pick her up for a few hours on those days but not for the whole day! It just isn't possible. I am curious if I should go to the owner of the facility? Or are they within their rights to request this of us? I have just never heard of a nursing home that is closed to their patients on holidays. any advice is helpful, I am new at this :) Thanks


Sorry for the type-o, should read "Mom's" not "Mom'd\s" :)
First, an assisted living facility (ALF) is not the same thing as a nursing home (NH). I assume your mother is in some kind of an ALF. But ALFs don't typically provide 24 hour care (although they have staff available around the clock.) So I'm confused.

Were these holiday requirements part of the contract your mom signed when enrolling there? I guess if it is part of the contract they can legally ask you to do this, but it seems extremely unusual to me. Ask to see a copy of the signed contract (if you do not have a copy) and read it carefully. What did Mom (or her POA) agree to?
I had the same question, Jeanne, and figured it was a NH or residential facility. Most ALF's that I know of don't provide 24/7 care.

Butterfly, I understand if it is a small facility that they would want to let their workers spend the holidays with their families. The thing I am having the hardest part understanding is why it would be too hard to have your mother visit for 9 hours on the holidays. If she is on a walker and has moderate dementia, it seems doable. Is there something that makes her particularly difficult?
It was not in the contract, as far as I know, my grandfather was her gurardian at the time she was admitted. He said he did not see it in the contract. She is in a small Assisted living facility that, according to the contract, provides 24/7 care. There are two nurses who work there, and when on shift are there 24/7. It would be particularly difficult to have her home due to the steep stairs in our home, and the only bathroom we have is on the 3rd level and she is a fall risk.

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