Mom's confusion is getting worse.

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I havent been on in a while which is good! but... Visited mom last week and one moment she was walking around , the next she was laying on someones bed and wouldnt get up pretending to yell/cry, hit me with a pillow.... then back up and walking around.... She sat for a bit and ate some lunch... then back to laying on someones bed. It was like her brain was shorting out. I sat on the bed and sang to her and she gave me kisses.
When she hit me with the pillow and cried out i think she thought I was an aid.
wow I wasnt expecting this type of confusion. They havent been able to get a urine sample in a week so they are just starting antibiotics ( about time) and also going to do a blood test (good luck). At least we had over a year before this started- maybe it is something curable, maybe a next level... we'll see.


It is so hard watching a love one go down that path of being really confused.

For my own Mom she was still sharp for someone in her late 90's, then had a very bad fall where she hit her head [this was in my parent's home], and that trauma created a person I didn't really know as she went into full-blown late stage dementia. It was like her brain had loops of time where she was alert, then back into the abyss.

For you I hope this situation with your Mom is just a UTI acting up, so Mom can go back to her "new normal".
thank you for being here freqflyer .... visited yesterday and urine and bloodwork were neg and fine. She "tolerated" me but just wanted to look out the window and wouldnt feed herself (what?!) but ate some when i snuck it in.
At one point I was doing what we do= hold hands, and she pushed me away and gave me a polite grimacing smile to 'go away' ... oh well. At least she isnt anxious and looks very healthy and no pain.
mica, I know what you're going through. There can be some times when the brain finds good pathways and we see glimpses of our mothers. Then they switch to some other pathways and get lost in the confusion. It is a cruel disease for everyone involved. There's nothing we can do but ride with it. I suspect that your mother sees you as someone friendly or as her daughter, but when her brain switches paths, she loses who you are. Many of us are with you on this long final journey.
welp, urine and blood are good. I saw her again and this time she was prickish and wouldnt eat .. I knew something was coming because a few weeks ago she wanted to go home- she hasnt said that in a year - so I knew with that 'high' that a 'Low' was coming.
I am trying to let her ' time for you to Go' attitude not get to me... actually today I was thinking that maybe she was mad that i was leaving instead of staying for a visit. no reasoning with the confused, so on we go......
Hang in there - my mom who generally doesn't want me out of her sight will occasionally look at me and tell me she doesn't like me or to go away - i think it's just she's so miserable sometimes she doesn't know how to comfort herself - a year ago she would tell me she didn't know where to find me so maybe she has stopped looking for me 

Last week she told our dear friend who was having lunch with her to go home - she walked away for a few minutes and returned with mom thrilled to see her

I will say it does irk me that when we say our prayers that she'll God bless bro but I have to prompt her to bless me

God bless you
Update: Urine and blood were negative. Because of the changes in her I had them continue with her antibiotics anyways. I visited a few days after they were done and she was right as rain. Back to her loving self. She has a new baseline now though of sleeping a lot and no more 'shopping' in peoples rooms :-( .... oh well, she is healthy and calm.
oh woops repost :P   my memory is going also LoL

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