Just spoke with CM at hospital Mom will be going to rehab/long care.

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Her needs out way my abilities.. It breaks my heart.

I gave my choices of NH hopefully she will get in one.


You are doing whats best for her. Prayers being sent your way. I hope she gets a good one.
I have 24 yrs to decide. 3 out 4 of my choices are available.
Oh gosh... such difficult decisions! You are doing the right thing, as hard as it is on you and the guilt it brings.. it's what's best for mom. Right? 3 out of 4? That's awesome! The odds are in your favor that mom will go the the one you decide.

(((hugs))) and strength to you!
Wow! Does this mean she will rehab at the place you want her to reside?
I hope you meant 24 hours...... love ya Assa !!!! But it sounds like things are moving right along,which to me, sounds like it is the right thing to do... of course you are upset..... It would be strange if you weren't..... adjustments for both of you..... but you will be there to advocate for her.... she is not being abandoned, she simply will have another address.....you are an awesome daughter..... just time for you to have a turn too..... hugs to you my friend....
May you have the wisdom to make the best decisions, the strength to carry them through and support to carry you when you doubt yourself.

Your decisions are from a place of love, I am sure they are wise.
A&A, you have done an excellent job caring for your Mom! How long have you been caring for Mom? Of course it is going to be difficult. Now it is time for the medical pros to care for her and keep her comfortable. This will be very difficult for me when the time comes, to relinquish control to others and probably pangs of guilt that I couldn't do more. Just keep reminding yourself of all you did that not many are able to. Thinking of you and your Mom.
Ha yes I meant 24hrs..

She will be going today. It's funny how I tell everyone on AC all the same things you are telling me.. So I must take my own advice..

It is what it is! It's a big adjustment for both of us and I'm taking it one day at a time....

I've been down this NH rode before with other loved ones but this time I can't seem to see clearly..

As my husband says "we'll get through this"..

BTW Mom's way beyond confused. She's been in the hospital since Friday and she's had no sleep!

On the good side, we had a planned vacation for next week with my sister coming to watch Mom and darn tooting we are still going.. It's just a rode trip for a few days. But it will be much needed...

Thank you to all my AC friends.. I really needed your support and not one of you disappointed!!!!!!
I'm sitting here trying to imagine my dad being awake since last week Friday. That would have driven me crazy. It is time for her to go to a place that can provide her the 24/7 caregiving that you totally are aware you can't give. And it's all falling into place. She has a new normal, but this will be dealt with at NH (which just happens to have 3 out of 4 available!) and while she gets used to the place, you can enjoy your vacation next week. I tell you, Assandy, this is one time where I can honestly say that God works in mysterious ways. You did good. =)
So true Book... The hospital is not a place for rest..lol

The NH isn't far at all and I will be there often..

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