She took a pee on the cat box...

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I love this woman, but sometimes i want to pull my hair out.


Wow - that's challenging. Did she say why she did it?
Not really, i guess she could not find the toilet right in front of her. So she just sat down on whatever she saw.
no harm done. dam shame the cat wasnt in it.. cats are too arrogant. a lesson in humility would do em good.
Captain (same as Capn Hardass?) I am LMAO - that was a good one!!
Smeltzer, this is one of many off the wall things your Mom will say or do from day to day - just gotta roll with it for the time being. At some point facility care may be the only option, but I hope you never have to face it. Do take every opportunity for short periods of respite whenever you can - it will help you keep your sanity!
welcome to the AC forum Smeltzer, and OMG I'm dying here!! Sorry, I know how distressing stuff like this can be, especially in the moment, but if we can't find humor in it then we're all eventually gonna end up loonier than they are, right?
The title of this thread was my first good laugh of the day.
Cap'n - your post was the second!
I cleaned it up without to much fuss, but you are right sometimes all you can do is laugh and maybe grab another glass of wine.
Oh, my word... It's time for DEPENDS.
Can't help the laughter, especially envisioning her trying to straddle it. I guess one could be grateful she didn't pee in the closet.
OMG I almost spit out my coffee reading this post. Too funny. Bet the real pussy-cat was miffed, they are so fussy about the fact that you just HAVE to cover it all.
Captain, You can say anything you want, but DON"T dis cats! My husband's "handsome little sir" is the only thing keeping us sane right now.

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