Mom said she took neuro-psych testing at nursing home.

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I have permanent guardianship, health care proxy and POA for my mother. She's in a nursing home. She said she took neuro-psych testing and is was told she doesn't have dementia, and wants her driver's license back etc. I checked with the nursing home and indeed they did do neuro-psych testing on her - they never shared it with me (see above regarding my status). The guardianship does not allow her to drive. She has moderate dementia, alzh, poor insight, congestive heart failure, small vessel disease etc. Turns out she took the neuro-psych test on 5-22-14. The results show what we expect - moderate dementia etc. etc. etc. Poor judgement, insight, needs prompting for self-care, memory etc. My mother is telling me she can leave the facility any time she wants - but she is on an elopement watch. I have been really good about re-directing her. She irked me this evening and I ended our conversation and told her I had to go home. I really don't want to talk to her right now. Of course, she get fixated on "I have a conflict with my son regarding guardianship" although permanent guardianship was awarded by the court two months ago. I am exasperated. Sorry - it just upset me.


Well, you go ahead and vent. It can be exasperating to deal with our loved ones with dementia.

You are in charge of making decisions on her behalf. You know that she isn't going to drive again no matter what she says. You know she isn't coming home. She is where she needs to be.

It sounds like most of the time you can handle this just fine. Tonight you ran out of patience. It happens. Leaving was an appropriate response. Hang in there! And come here to vent whenever you need to. We get it!
Oh Huge, I'm so sorry you're having these troubles again! You're in the driver's seat. She's just huffing and puffing and will probably have no memory of this when you see her next. You are wise to leave when she gets into a pet and can't be redirected. Hugs!
Thanks folks. I get nervous because I can't trust her. Classic example: we took her to CVS to get some make-up. She demanded that we buy a big bottle of Phillips Milk of Magnesia. I said no. She then said she just grabs the laxatives off of the med cart. I mentioned this to the head nurse - and they said that the med cart is never unattended and that they would not be giving her un-prescribed or non-doctor recommended OTC items.
I'm really confused - she's on an elopement watch? Has she fallen for another patient and they plan to run off to Reno? I know my grandmother thought one of the old men in her home was her Angus, and he walked her to her room every night and kissed her goodnight, even though he normally answered to Paul. But is your mother really expected to try to elope? :)

If you have been awarded guardianship by the court, you have nothing to worry about. Your papers keep you secure. She would have to hire an atty who would take her case to have the guardianship reversed...

You did the right thing to leave before getting in a shouting match with someone who does not reason well. Good job. Vent here all you want, it's a supportive environment!
Hugedoof, if it is any consolation, we have been getting the same song and dance from Mom. She insists she is just fine, wants to move back home, complains that I took her cane away. (She tripped over it and broke her shoulder) We are pursuing a guardianship and I know there will be dementia testing done. The test you mentioned coincides with the court decision. So I am guessing it was done for the Judge.
Elopement means attempt to leave in this instance.....
To surprise - elopement means "sneaking out of the facility" in this case. Anyway, I had a conversation with the head nurse who confirmed what I encountered last night, i.e., confusion, inability to walk. However, this morning, my mother has developed a fever, rapid heart rate, weakness, confusion, etc. etc. They are testing her for a bladder infection. They started her on antibiotics. The nurse on duty called me this afternoon and was very compassionate. He reviewed her status with me and thanked me for "enhancing their observations" in a very nice way.
doof, fever can occur after stroke, not always a UTI. Hugs to you.

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