My mom sold her house and will walk away with $17,000. She is 64, on Medicaid and has leukemia.

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and moving to SD to get a small apartment close to me so I can care for her. The profit from her house was meant to be used to pay her monthly rent and she can live off her social security, but I am terrified she will lose her Medicaid since she made that small profit. Also, she has very deep credit card debt and she will have to file bankruptcy when she gets here, but I am also afraid the credit card companies will take what little she has. She wont be 65 until March 2011. She has been terrible paying bills and managing money her whole life so I want power of attorney to make sure she doesn't blow these funds as well. She doesnt have a problem with that, but I am just so worried there wont be any money to pay any bills at all.


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Please consult and estate attorney or and elder attorney plus a bankruptcy attorney. She needs to be in compliance with Medicaid to keep that. They will know the best route to take. You'll should have an attorney help you with the POA, anyway, and maybe some of the funds can be "paid" to you for her care. Only an attorney is going to get you through this with nightmares.

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As usuall Carol knows what is what so you need to take her advice,

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