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She has Alzheimer's and has been diagnosed 5yrs ago... 6 months ago her gerontologist said she is progressing (and I agreed) due to things she was doing and saying... however, in the last month she seems to have 'plateaued'... is that possible??? Seems a little more alert, even asking how we're feeling... or seems to care a little more... but, mom is still pretty shrewd and sneaky... she also does talk to several of her friends and they are all 'busy bodies'... they may have coached her also since she did let it slip that one of them suggested she say certain things... I don't know, it just seems like there is a plateau that she is on and I'm wondering how hard she will 'fall' from it... I want to be on guard... this disease is terrible and I'm glad if this is a reprieve for her even if for only a short time...


It can be a roller coaster. I think it gives a a little breathing time before it gets worse. Enjoy it while it lasts. I know what you mean. There have been times I thought my mother was improving, but soon it went downhill again. It is one of the most agonizing things about the disease.
JessieBelle...that's what I was thinking but I wasn't sure; guess I thought it was a miracle in the works but, in reality I knew better. Thank you for your insight; it means alot :)
this disease is so d*mn brutal...
Yes, I'd enjoy the good periods. When my LO was first diagnosed with VD, it was rough for the first year, but, at least then we could still talk about the good old days, Beatles music, food from our aunt's diner, picking flowers, so much fun! But, as time has progressed, that's no longer possible. I'd cherish every minute.
My dads dementia started about 5 or 6 years ago. It seemed to level off for a long time, couple years, now he's sliding downhill again. It's so frustrating and so slow a progression in his case.
Yes, in my mom's case, she has plateaued for quite awhile in one stage then, all of a sudden, goes into the next phase. Try, if you can, to keep things on a routine for her. They really freak out when their routine is disrupted. I had to take my mom out of the 1st memory care because it got too expensive. We brought her home with us. My God, who is this woman? She wasn't like she was at the facility. It really through her for a loop. So much so that we had to find a different facility because we were unable to handle all of the work associated with her "next phase".

Enjoy talking to your mom while you can. My mom doesn't even know who I am anymore. :(
thanks for the info; hugs and prayers to you, and your Mom :) Lilrabbit...

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