I think my Mom is ready to go soon. I feel really emotional...

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Thanks for your prayers. I am not near her now (out of the country) and this is doubly hard. My siblings are near her but neither are spiritual. We've been able to Skype and this has been WONDERFUL but I am terribly sad to not be close to her during this time. Mom will soon be with the LORD and this gives me GREAT joy - but I will miss her. I miss her now. I am almost 50 and I feel like a child. Thanks for your prayers. May blessings be yours.


Hugs of comfort coming your way, Perserverance. I wish you could be with her, too.
(((((Hugs)))) . So glad you have been able to Skype though I know it is not the same as being there. My prayers are with you. and your mum. You love one another and are able to express it, That is very important. My prayers are with you.
Thinking of you. It must be very hard.
Thank you, dear ones. My Mom is now off food... It is so hard... so hard...
I am thankful because my brother, who knows the LORD, is flying out to be with my mom and sisters... For this I am grateful. I just wish I could be there as well - praying and singing over her, while holding her hand...

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