Mom (87) purchased 2 of my sisters homes, to be deducted from pot. Now, my sisters have convinced her otherwise.

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The total pot was about 1 million to be split amongst 5 of us. Now about $500K remains. So the 2 sisters will get houses free and clear and all of the taxes and insurance that has been paid for these houses. Now Mom says she will split what Is left amongst all of us...So not only have two of my sisters swindled 1/2 million from my's not dead! And at this rate...when she is 97...she will be broke!

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You are hurt that mom has not treated you equitably. It is a bigger deal than someone else getting a larger piece of pie. I do not know why parents do these things, but they do. Sometimes they financially favor the child with children, while leaving the single one to fend for themselves. Sometimes the coddle the more dependent, or lower achieving child. Let it go.

As far as the gifts mom has made, regardless to whom or at what percentage, I would say acceptance morally bounds them to be the primary caregiver. It is not about the money, but about the help, you help me I help you. I hope mom has the funds to see her through end of life, if she needs Medicaid, she will face penalties and in the end you and I (the taxpayers) will have subsidized your sister's inheritance.

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