Mom passed this morning at 1:04 am.

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She had taken a turn for the worse 2 weeks ago.Fall, infection, surgery on infected foot,ventilator, feeding tube. cardiac issues,,,,,all in a matter of days.We stood vigil at her bedside all day yesterday, I could not sleep and got out of bed at 1am, smoked a cig, then called hospital to check on her. It was 1:08 am.They were getting ready to call us, and were quite surprised that I called at that time. I went and spent 6 hours, just sitting with her.Just got home. Waiting for brothers to wake up and get the ball rolling on arrangements.'s my Birthday. I wish she could have waited a day or two more. Sad, relieved,and very tired. Thanks for being here for me these 3 years. Would not have made it without my AC family. Love you guys.


Oh Boni i am sobsorry for your loss. This is not an easy time but it sounds like your mom is free from suffering. I Wish you peace and comfort over the next few days. You know your mom woke you up to have that smoke! 😇
Oh Boni, I'm so sad for you. How many times do we read here that the elder waits for loved ones to leave? So often the case.

I had a friend lose his brother on his birthday. My friend is choosing to look at it as though his brother timed his "exit" to a better place to coincide with a joyful day.
Boni, I was surprised when I read your news. I'm so sorry. More so since she passed away on your birthday. It's not like you need to be reminded yearly of what happened on your birthday. You did your very best for your mom. I will always remember you two wearing the party hats (which looks like you both spiked your hair like punks.) I'm so stupid. {{{HUGS}}}
Boni, I am so sorry to read that your mother passed. Her fight was a long and hard one, and I know yours was, too. I hope you heal well and get beyond the trauma of the last year. ((((Boni))))
Boni, my heartfelt sympathy to you and your family. It's been quite a journey.
Boni, I too am sorry to learn that your mother has passed but am glad for you, your mother and your family that her suffering has now ended. It seems that everything happened so quickly - there's hardly time to react. I wish you and your family peace and respite as you move forward.
May ypur mother rest and peace and hope you find peace with your mom's passing knowing she is no longer suffering. Hope you ou stay on with this site and help others based on your knowledge and experience.
Sorry for your loss, she knew you loved her, please find solace and strength in that to carry on. Be well.
Boni, so sorry for your loss.
Oh Boni so sorry.. She was lucky to have you in her life..

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