My mom passed away Friday after 10 days in hospice.

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Her stomach lining had a perforation and she was septic.....she was at peace in the end.I have my step-dad but believe he will go up north to be with his children,except he doesnt like the cold and they both work....He tries to get me to take a nap with him I say no no no no I lock my door at night......I care for him like a dad.


I am so sorry to hear that your mother passed. I know it was hard for her before hospice stepped in. They are so helpful.

That is so weird about your stepdad. I think I would help him get on the train headed in his children's direction. I hope you can get away from him soon. That is way too close for comfort.
Sorry for your loss, helpfulone.
May you find peace soon due to the passing of your Mother. We never really lose anyone as long as they remain in your heart.

Ship step-dad off to his kids or find him a nice apartment for the elderly somewhere. If he insists on staying - buy him a big teddy bear to take his naps with. Listen to your gut - if it's telling you to lock your door at night, do it.

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