It is all over with.... Mom passed away Sunday night. I was there by her side.

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Hello everyone. I want to thank all of you for trying to support me as best as you could during my trials of dealing with POA, etc. Mom had been put in the hospital a week ago Tues. Suicidal and mourning the loss of her life and everything she had been passionate about. (minus me of course) She had pneumonia again and Saturday I took her off the CPAP as it was still considered as heroic measures. I stayed the night Saturday went home for a few hours Sunday morning... She was still lingering. I got a bit of a nap and then my husband and i went back to the hospital. Later on that evening, I sent everyone home and watched her. She got really loud in the noises of her chest a few times, then really quiet. I checked her, she was a bit gray and no pulse and no breathing. I ran and got her nurses. She was gone.

I immediately called her POA and my husband along with a family friend. They came up and while they were up there, the nurse contacted the morgue. They would come get her after we left. She will be cremated according to her wishes and laid to rest next to her first husband in plots that she had bought for them both back when he had died in 1969.

I have contacted everyone but that horrible former POA. The new POA got ahold of her. I hope she does not come up here for the visitation nor the people who helped in taking everything out of her house back in December. I have already told my friends/family that I will have them escorted out by the police. I am not going to have any drama going on during this visitation!

This nightmare was so hard on mom during her last month. She knew she would not make it out of there alive. It just killed me inside to see her in such mental pain and distress. I am just glad she is no longer suffering mentally or physically.

We are waiting on the death certificate before the will can be read. It will be interesting to see what is in it. And I am anxious to see who was NOT in it.

Also, have to thank my husband for being by my side during all of this. He has been my rock since the very beginning and I have always said, it took a soldier to save me from myself. I also have to thank her current POA. He was awesome. Considering he had never done any of this before... and learning this the hard way as he went along... He amazed us at his level of compassion. Mom had chose the right person to deal with me. He is just as stubborn as I am and had to put me in my place a couple of times. She chose the right person indeed.

Despite our what seemed to be ebb and tide of a mother/daughter relationship.. (more like fire and gasoline) She was a good woman.

Thanks again all and I will stick around on the boards in answering questions as I can. Huge hugs to everyone going through hell right now. I know from experience NONE OF THIS is remotely easy to deal with.


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Bless you. It's been a long battle. This quote from you tells me that you are a remarkable person. "Despite our what seemed to be ebb and tide of a mother/daughter relationship.. (more like fire and gasoline) She was a good woman." Forgiveness is the ultimate balm.
Take care of yourself now and let your husband continue to take care of you as you finish up the aftermath. Your mom is no longer suffering mentally or physically. Take care,
Carol, I am so sad to read of your mother's passing this weekend. I am glad that you were able to be with her. I hope the next few weeks will not be too bad and that you'll have time to relax and grieve the loss of your mother. Big hugs to you.
I'm so sorry for your loss. Your mother is indeed at peace. Your mother raised a good woman. You cared, you fought for what was right and fought against the wrongs. You're a survivor. Please stay on AC and share your experiences with others. Peace be with you AnArmyWife.
anarmywife - I am sooo sorry for your loss. I am glad that you have your husband and friends to help you with the greiving process. Take care and GOD BLESS!!!!
I'm sorry too. I arrived late again to reading your post. You were and are a wonderful person! HUGS of comfort to you!!!

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