Mom told my daughter she doesn't want to see me because she's mad at me for telling her she has no choice but stay in the home.

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I'll bet you weren't finished with this post, were you? (We all hit submit a little too soon occasionally.)

Some things we'd like to know, to respond better:

How old is Mom?
What is her impairment?
Where is she living? How long has she been there?
Is Mom a widow?
Are you an only child? If you have siblings, what is their role in this?
How long has she been mad at you?
I bet that hurts! You are only trying to keep her safe, but she doesn't like to face the sad reality that she can't live alone any more.

Not to be cynical, but now you don't have to visit her until she tells your daughter that you never come to see her! If you can stand it, let her be angry and give yourself a short break. Remind yourself not to take it personally. She's more mad at the situation than at you. Her mood will change. Hang in there.
I guess I was so upset when I posted this.. My mom is 82 my dad recently passed March 1. She lives alone. I have asked to come live with me. I have a room all set up for her and she has stayed one day.. I only take Tuesday and Thursday off from seeing her. And last Saturday I was in bed with a migraine and she is mad about that. She doesn't drive or hear and threatens that one day I will be sorry when she just disappears.or now she keeps telling me she wants a man. A much younger one. Or she is getting on a bus and leaving or walking 5 miles to the beach.. She thinks things are like they were in the 40s and 50s she doesn't realize the price of things and the general way the world works. She does not have dementia.. Yes I have siblings but they just listen to her rants and come out smelling like roses but don't back me up but don't come up up and offer to take over either..and I have to hear how awesome they are. I'm feeling pretty done and it has only been a couple of months
if your dad passed that recently your mother is probably in the greatest state of shock one will ever endure. i wouldnt expect her to be emotionally stable for quite some time. you may just be her target for everything thats messed up. hopefully she meets that younger man and after a whirlwing honeymoon he whisks her away to bahrain or whatever. im just sayin it doesnt suddenly get better. most people on here would trade you 2.5 lying ass old women for 1 combative old man.
heres what ya have to understand. your father passed away before your mother for a reason. its cause he WANTED to..

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