Mom lives with us but is able to care mostly for herself.

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Mom is 84 and had cancer and has macular degeneration, if she knew I was on this site she would be mad b/c she "certainly doesn't need any help". She is bored all the time and is mad at me and my husband most of the time. I don't know who to talk to or how to handle this anymore.


If she is able to care mostly for herself, what is the problem? Are there things she does need help with but refuses the help? What is she mad at you about? How long has she had macular degeneration? How long has she lived with you? Is her cancer in remission?

A few more details will help us help you.
She is able to take care of personal care but reading is becoming difficult. One Dr told her she should not drive but another Dr passed her vision test so is still driving. She cooks occasionally but needs help with cleaning (can't see dirt). She has had macular degeneration for four years and yes her cancer is in remission. Mostly she is lonely but can't find a solution or social outlet.
Is there a Senior Center nearby where she can do some activities and meet people who are more her age? If she's not so willing, maybe if you went with her for the first couple of times she might just find she enjoys it. Just an idea. Blessings
I have a MIL with macular degeneration and severe osteoporosis. We eventually convinced her to move into a lovely retirement home and to our great surprise, this very shy, introverted person thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people and doing new activities. What I'm trying to say is, even if your mom is reluctant, she might eventually enjoy joining other seniors at a social club. Give it a try.

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