My mom is just flat mean sometimes.

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Yes she has MILD dementia and very mild. She calls my son and I names (of course we are the only ones that care for her) my son is almost 20 but we have all been together for 15 years or so. Then I end up speaking to her as I would anyone that had called my son a name. I am to lazy to type and the more I type I know what I need to do. JUST WALK AWAY. My god she just pisses me off sometimes. She is angry - her brain and her mouth are the only two things that function properly. l am understanding most of the time, but having a moment. Thanks for listening - Sole Caregiver of both parents - for 15 years - BLAHHHHH


Get some Ativan. If she won't take it, then take it yourself. Whatever works.
I like your way of thinking. I know just I try not to self medicate as much as possible - but rarely does a whole day go by without some type of dysfunction. I love her to death I am sure my dad is up there saying "Better you than me" lol. I just dont want to join my dad before her. I need a vacation.
She's probably more bored than angry. Is there a Senior Center nearby? Some will even provide pick up and return. A trip to the beauty shop works for my MIL. She won't spend a dime on herself, too frugal, but loved a cut & color.
"Her brain and her mouth are the only two things that function properly."

With dementia, her brain doesn't even function properly so it's only just her mouth that functions properly. :-)

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