My mom is in a long term facility for 3 years now.

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3 yrs ago she fell while answering front door & she broke her hip. She was rushed to ER where she had a hip replacement. She went in a rehabilitation center for 3 weeks for physical therapy. She has not been able to walk since her fall, not only on leg she had surgery on but she has also has not been able to walk on her good leg, Y, whats that all about?! She is still, 3 yrs later in that facility & still can not walk. I am her eldest child & her POA. facility Dr. said she had dementia & mild Parkinsons. When mom was there not even 60 days Hospice approached me & was determined to get my mom the guy would not give up. I was so scared that they must knew mom was dying & soon. What did/do they want? That was 3 yrs ago & she is still alive & thats the POWER of PRAYER!

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