Mom is home with Hospice she has CHF and heart failure.

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Me and my sister take care of mom sister stays nights i do days, the problem we are having she has gout in both feet cant move we use the urinare and trying to get her to the bed stand potty is hard..we have accidents in the bed alot and she cant turn over..any ways of doing this so it could help us,,mom is a bigger lady so its hard. especially dead weight. Any idea would be appreciated diapers are not a option...tried already

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Hospice will catheterize your mom.

If your mom can't get to the bedside commode and won't use an adult undergarment the only thing left is a bed pan. I'm not sure if that's what you meant by "urinare". I'm not sure what that is. Bed pans are notoriously messy though and difficult to use for a woman, especially a larger lady.

Have you tried just putting a Depends under her and not taping it? Just having it there for accidents?

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