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I just had to share this, because I am amazed! Yesterday I watched Mom eat everything on her plate at lunch. I have never, ever seen her do anything except pick at a few bites and move it around her plate - for the last 10 years - no matter what the food is or how good it is. They tell me she eats all her breakfast and lunch now, and asks for dinner 1/2 hour early. What? Really? After all these years!
I don't know whether it is her age, the change in food or the NH care. It seems she has adjusted to life in the NH (I think she secretly likes all the attention).
A month ago, we didn't think she would live a month, but now, she will be gaining weight and strength and maybe even feel better.
Has anyone else witnessed this phenomena?


Isn't it amazing how things can change for the better? And also to think how much we take for granted - we eat every day without thinking, but for an older person with medical issues who's not eating it can be a major event when someone does.

I do think you're right that she's acclimating to her new surroundings, enjoying the attention, and becoming more enthused about life.

Thanks for sharing this exciting news, and I hope that this trend continues and your mother continues to enjoy her care.
Yes, Amy, my Mom [98] did the same thing. It could be a temporary rally which isn't unusual, or maybe your Mom wants to reach 102 so she will keep going forward :)

For my Mom she did that for maybe 2 weeks. She was feeding herself, as messy as it was, she was trying.... started to gain weight... and her communication was now making more sense, she was telling me she really needed a haircut, even bluntly told my sig other he needed a hair cut, too [which he did]. But all of that was short-lived for her, she stopped eating, and just wanted to sleep all the time.

Keep us updated on what your Mom is doing.
Sincerely hope your Mom enjoys this time of feeling better!
Amy, we admitted my mom to a NH post hip fracture repair ( and post-post stroke, aphasia and dementia). We were amazed she survived the surgery (she has chf). We sort of assumed she would not recover. 2 1/2 years later, she's going strong, walks wvery day with staff and has starred foing to activities . She's had pneumonia aeveral times. So yes, when NH care is good, it's the best thing for aome elderly, fragile elders.
My mother is always amazing us. To start eating after 10 years of starvation is just the latest. Just when we think she isn't going to survive, she rebounds. She is failing though, just very slowly. How can she help it at 101? But as freqflyer says, she might just want to reach 102! At least she seems pretty content and she is where she needs to be - and cleaner than she has been in years.
In 4 months she's had pneumonia, a UTI and fell at least 7 times, gashing her head, barking her shins, hurting her ribs, elbow (she refuses to stay put and ask for help - and moves FAST!) - yet no broken bones, ever. She must be made of rubber. She now has cellulitis and says it doesn't hurt. We have noticed she has always had very little sense of pain. Strange!

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