Having to put mom into nursing home for rehab and possibly longer and its breaking my heart.

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Mom has severe COPD and osteporosis and all the ailments that go along with it, she is very frail and has had 3 breaks so far. Had to go to the hospital over the weekend as she couldnt breath good and too weak to get up. Its looking like she will have to go back to a nursing facility for rehab and possibly longer if we cant get someone to stay with her during the day. I cant afford to pay for someone and we all have to work and just today got her on a waiting list for a CAP worker that would come in a few hrs, this is so heartbreaking and frustrating but i dont know what else to do.


I'm sorry you are having to deal with this. I know it's very hard to watch our parents age and lose their independence, etc. But understand, you are only one person, and you can only do so much. It may be best that your mom go to a nursing home for her health's sake. She will get 24/7 care, and you can visit whenever you want. Try not to beat yourself up over it. You're doing a great job. Good Luck!!
She will be safe and taken care of by professionals. They know how to move her so she doesn't get more "breaks." Why would this cause you distress?
What else could you do? She must need constant supervision and you are not able to do it.
If you decide to accept that this is the best decision for everyone's circumstances--especially her physical limits--it will go much better for her.
Don't resist the logical deduction; go with the flow:) xo
If the facility your Mom is going to has been verified, checked out and is free of complaint, your Mom will be in good hands. But continue to be her advocate.

Our loved ones in a facility need us to advocate for them - and the best way to do it is to spend TIME at the facility - meals and during the day - to see how well she's tended to. Seriously. I pop in at irregular times - and every time I do, well, usually, I see my Mom is well tended to.

I agree that your mother may be safer, more comfortable, and happier in a NH. Chat up the aides, so they will like her, and she will get some of the extra attention that makes life sweet. It can be lonely, even in your own home, to see only the same few faces day after day. It can't be the same as being the loved mother and only invalid, but safety and a social life can make up for it.

If the NH doesn't do well by her, that's another thing. It can't be perfect, because nothing is. Try not to nitpick, but don't accept abuse or neglect. I hope you will find that you have turned your moth over to people who will love her and keep her safe and comfortable.

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