Mom has to go in for long-term care.

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It is important if she is not get proper care in home because Home Health Care service is the best option for elderly who are not getting proper home health care.
I was Mom's primary caregiver at home before it became way too challenging between my demanding career and caring for her. We placed her into a 5 star ALF (lacked appropriate care for aging) and then after in a lovely, small and caring NH.

You must continue to advocate for your Mom wherever she is and don't assume that the caregivers know how to treat your Mom and/or will treat her well.

Bless you. I know this step is hard. But you are doing it out of love and out of desperation. Be at peace and enjoy quality time with your Mom as she moves.

Yes because of some reasons you cant give proper care to your mom. If your mom is not getting proper care at home then in cities there are many care homes available. They gives all helps and cares for your mom.

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