My mom's impossible. I'm 43 with 2 grand kids of my own. She refuses to let me run my own house. I can't live with her anymore!

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See is making everyone life miserable.. she has made it so my son will not come over here and my daughter wants to move out as long as grandma stays here... I am torn.. I feel like going to a mental hospital. She said she is going to move to my nieces her last option.. my sister won't take her in either.. she acts like she hates all her kids we can't do anything right...I know I am rambling on but I have totally had it with her attitude.. she is 63 and has out of control diabetes and one foot just had surgery and she has 2 broken toes on the other.. I have tried over and over to talk to her about things but she says she is the mother... things never turn out good when we talk because she starts yelling and crying and saying that I think she is just a bitch.. I tell her that is not what I think and she just refuses to listen


Has your mother always been difficult to live with, or is this fairly new behavior?

Why does your mother need to live with someone? (Mobility problems, for example?) If no one in family can deal with her attitudes and will not take her in, what are her alternatives? For example, could she live independently? Would she need a nursing home? If she were without family, where would she be?

Have you considered family counseling? Would she go?

Give us some more details of your situation. Someone here is bound to have similar experience.
If she is on any type of medication, please check the side effects. Sometimes medicine can have a huge impact on mood, personality, etc. of the person who is taking the medicine. My personal opinion is that a lot of people (elderly and younger folks) are over-medicated. Of course, there are times when the proper medicine is a must. Also, try to avoid any foods, etc. with artificial coloring or flavors, as that can have a negative impact on mood.
She has always been difficult to live with.. she is worse now that my dad dies 3 years ago and her she don't take care of her sugars.. we try to help her with that but she wants no help.. she says she can't afford to live on her own.. and she couldn't do much with her feet anyways.. she also wakes up in the middle of the night and a find her on the floor.. she pooped or speed herself and she has no memory of it.. I have taken her to the doctor and every time I try to tell the doctor what is going on she stops me cold in my tracks.. me and my sister are taking depression meds because of her being so controlling all our lives.. I even went to counseling and she said that was just for weak minded people... I think I am a very strong person to have dealt with what I have to put up with... so no she wouldn't be willing to go to counseling... she really does not meds for depression.. one thing me and my sister can joke about is she needs the meds and counseling and we are the ones taking the meds because she make life so hard for us... she lives in my home and I am always up in my bedroom because she just always has to be right and I can't do anything right with my own grandkids and kids.. she even tells me I do the dishes wrong and fold the towels wrong... help. I honestly feel like I am going crazy but how do u tell your mom this is not working when she won't even listen to you.. if I kick her out she will never talk to me again...
. she controlled my dad like that for 35 years...

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