Mom had a stroke Wednesday night. Now hospice in patient. Close to the end.

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I just wanted to post on here that we are near the end now, and mom is resting comfortably. She no longer eats or drinks, can't swallow, and nurse can't get a blood pressure reading. She is actively dieing.

This forum has been such a HUGE help to me in the past several weeks. This journey has been the most difficult I have ever taken, and I wouldn't have made it without those who answered my questions and sent prayers. I am also very fortunate to have wonderful sisters who have had my back throughout.

Thanks to you all, and may your journeys in this caregiving world be quick and painless.


I'm so sorry that you and your mom are going through this. Be at peace.
Thank you, babalou
Thanks for the update. I'm sorry, as I know this must be a difficult time. I hope you and she will soon find peace.
I hope you and your mom and your sisters can move through this time of transition as peacefully as possible. {{Hugs|| to you.
Prayers for her comfort and yours!!

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