Mom has too much money to qualify for Medicaid. We have a lawyer already who is sending us options, but the lawyer is so expensive!

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she is always changing her mind and making impulsive decisions! she is a fall risk and has disphasia, and is on pureed diet, and almost ready for a feeding tube, she wants to come home, but doesnt want to hire help...I am disabled and CANNOT take on this huge responsibility myself, as I have lots of fears of maybe making mistakes, and doing the wrong thing, and ending up killing her myself, she needs to stay in a SKILLED facility! we are lethal together on a full time basis,as she is manipulative and changes her mind like her underwear........SHe is in full capacity to make decisions doesnt have dementia or alzheimers, which makes things harder for me...............I am constantly running over there to visit 3 times a day, and now have developed extreme high blood pressure, I CANNOT have her at home, she gets mad and thinks I dont want her around, but I am sick too....anyone have any advice??? thanks for all who take their precious time to read this and at least acknowledge!!!!

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Really you need to let her stay in that skilled facility, Really. Don't allow her to come to live with you. Tell the Staff of this facility how are you feeling/ that you are lethal together/ that you can't handle her and that you could ended up hurting your self. ( Please but don't hurt up yourself) Make it clear to them that you don't want her living with you. Period. nobody can force you to allow her leaving with you when you are not good together-no way-so don't get mad because that's your place/apartment/life.

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