Mom lives with us. We have two crazy brothers. She has her own account we pay the bill, but the is still active.

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We get cash for her some money is spent for food for all of us, she pays no other bill except a cleaning lady that we split. we manage her rental property all the money goes to her own account, her sons would sue us for anything but we are all happy with how we worked things. We are the ones getting her money out for her for her activity senior centers lunches with friends. how do we protect our self from probable conflict. her sons think she had more then she really does and dont care that we have the burden of managing her life


The only suggestion I would have when there are relatives that are circling like vultures, is to make sure you have a paper trail that can't be denied. So when (not if) she dies and they go for the jugular, you can stand in court with a clear conscious. Just like the Bible says, 'the root of all evil is the LOVE of money'. Boy ain't that the truth?
Thank you I guess it is that simple, Not only we are the caregivers but have to be lawyers as well. With my own family I know my sisters are going to be the ones to take care of my mom and dad and i know that they can keep everything. I would never step in at the end with my hand out.

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