Mom had heart surgery and survived.

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She is frustrated because she can't do basic things: walk on her own, she is weak from surgery,.. I feel for her..I am just thrilled she survived!
cry cry cry tears of happiness..,


Bless your mom!! In time she will once again enjoy doing all the housework she can stand :) She should relish her rest and recuperation time before it's time to get back at it all.
Celebrate every victory. Take one day at a time. Prayer for you both.
Interestingly put.. ;) she wants to go back
to work.
he he, hopefully she'll be back at it with renewed vigor! many years extra added to her new youth ;)

Awesomeness for both of you!
At one time I remember reading that for every hour one is under anesthesia, it takes a month to bounce back... thus a two hour surgery will take two months to recover. Each week she should start feeling a bit more peppy.
Yea!!!! tear tear.... She doing excellent. I have
a lot to be proud of this year.

However, The late and great Joan Rivers
wasn't able to pull out of it... sadly.
Now she has no pain and won't suffer
any more... I only hope she have her
soul to God and prayed to him before
her passing... :(.
How old is she and what kind of surgery and what kind of anesthesia did she have? For most open heart surgery patients, putting them on antidepressants is part of the protocol. When my husband, then not even 50 had his aorta and aortic valve replaced, he was placed, with my permission, on antidepressant medication while inthe hospital. Most of these meds take 5-6 weeks to kick in. By the time he started feeling like he was never going to be able to get back to "normal", the meds kicked in and gave him a "ground floor" that he couldn't sink below. 10 weeks after surgery, he was physically AND psychologically strong enough to cope with the NYC subway strike and walk across the Manhattan Bridge each day and up to Midtown where his office was.

By contrast, his mom, much older (80), had similar surgery, no antidepresssant meds given. She was as weak and discouraged as he was; her son who was POA decided to reject meds as "they won't keep you from being depressed if you don't want to be undepressed" (???). She refused rehab and starved herself to death. Obviously what I'm telling you is make sure that your mom is on antidepressant meds. Rehab is hard, but it works, one step at a time.

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