My Mom had a stroke two years ago.

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My mom had a stroke two years ago. It was a bleed on the brain, my Mom has gone deaf and they are taking my mom to have her ears waxed. do you think it will do any good my mom is ninty six


It doesn't matter what the age, if it is suspected that ear wax could be the cause of someone not hearing, why not try to remove the wax and see what happens. It's an easy process that is done at the doctor's office.

My Dad's ears get clogged with wax time and time again, and whenever he uses the ear wax drops, he can hear much better. On the other hand, my Mom has major issues with the wax, but she doesn't like having the drops or hot water placed in her ears... therefore, she can't understand why her hearing aids won't work... [sigh].
Hearing clearly can be a true improvement in attitude and pleasure. Sure, go for the wax cleaning. It may not solve the hearing problem, but it certainly won't hurt.
Thank you for your comments we will have to see if my moms hearing comes back then if it doesn't they said that they are going to get my mom a hearing aid not sure how they will test her for one if she is deaf I thought myself it could be from her brain Beeing as it was a bleed on the brain that she had and at ninty six do you think my mom will ever get her earing back
Is it the docs office that will remove the wax? Do they also test hearing there? The machines that they use for the test adjust decibel level to all levels meaning they can turn it up very loud to determine if the loss is extreme or may be helped with a hearing aid. I would also hesitate purchasing a hearing aid. Does she have dementia? My biggest concern would be the possibility for loss of the hearing aid. As Jeanne said, if the hearing can be resored there will be a benefit. Those with dementia have a hard enough time understanding what is going on around them, it is hard to imagine how much more difficult a loss of hearing would make it for them.

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