My Mom (82) had a stroke in November 2013.

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She is in a nursing home because she has some paralysis on her right side.


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She was recently diagnosed with a UTI. She seems better mentally but is still very lethargic. How long should it take for her to get her energy back.
The antibiotics can be very tiring and it can take a month. If you think some physical therapy would help, ask her doctor to order it for her. It's been pretty hot in this area, so better weather will help too.
Thanks. I've also asked that the nursing home recheck her urine to make sure the UTI has resolved. She is incontinent, too (was a little before the stroke but now wears a brief. It's been hard emotionally dealing with the ups and downs of mom's issues and dealing with our 83 year old dad whose world has been turned upside down since Mom's stroke and his own health issues.

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