Mom gives away a bear.

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My visits with Ma last week were pleasant and uneventful. Her collection of Beanie Baby and other small stuffed animals is growing, as she selects them as Bingo prizes. This is what one of my sisters emailed the rest of us last week:

"Of course mom won another beanie bear (birthday bear) at bingo!! June said to mom, just kiddingly, “I think you should give him to me since my b-day is coming up!” mom just kind of smiled but June just kept looking at the bear & you could tell she just loved it. So when we were going to leave, I said mom “do you want your bear”? she said “no let June take care of it” Oh boy did June love that, she thanked mom about 10 times. Later I told mom, that was very nice of her to give June the bear, she said “I could tell she loved it”. when I left I seen June sitting in the lobby & there was little bear on her lap, I know it meant a lot her."

Ma is doing well in the nursing home!


Awwwwww. Great story, sweet memory. Thanks!
I still have all my toys! But i still have a beany bear i bought in Texas years ago i love that bear too!
I love to hear your mother is playing Bingo, Jeanne. That is so cool. :D
I just re-read what you wrote and realized that I don't know who June is. I thought maybe your niece or something, then I read that you saw her in the lobby when you left. So for inquiring minds... who is June?
my aunt tries to give everything away and frankly she doesnt own much now in NH . she just loves to make people happy . i bring her things and it bothers her . she likes giving more than recieving . her pic of the field of purple flowers is still her prized possession . gee , it cost me 3 bucks frame and all .
if you have an elder who finds something in particular beautiful , find it on google images , send the data to walgreens , pick up a goodwill pic frame and its a done deal in 1 hour ..
a hamburger between meal times , piece of pie from a resteraunt , just a surprise each day ..
NH is not a very stimulating place .. many elders have no visitors . they are on medicaid and theres no money to bum them out of anymore .
ednas g sons who wanted to break my legs havent visited once .. fraudulent creeps ..
I don't know who June is either, Jessie. :) She is another resident who was playing bingo at Ma's table. The story is as my sister reported it.

I and my three sisters visit Ma regularly and then we email each other about the visits. I feel so sorry for dysfunctional families where the kids don't get along well enough to care for their parent as a team.

Captain, it does appear to me that many nursing home residents don't have frequent visits. A visit is definitely the best gift! Consumables, like a piece of pie, do make good gifts because the rooms are very small and soon can't hold more little objects!
yea jeanne , they dont need junk , they need love ..
they need to be listened to . they dont relay their comfort concerns to nurses very well . they still need an advocate ..
nurses appreciate the help if your kind and appreciative of their efforts ..
old people are the best . an old lady gave edna a beautiful sweater the other day right off of her back . edna was cold ..
our pia isnt a good team player . i take the mornings so as to not cross her path at all . shes jealous and vindictive but still a lot of help in her own way ..

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