Woke up at 6 a.m. to Moms scream, then the inevitable crash.

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She fell getting on to her porta-potty and the contents went flying EVERYWHERE!. Not having a good day and have no one but Y'all to complain to.Thanks for listening.


Oh, so sorry for that episode!
Must have been a tough one to deal with coming out of a sound sleep.
Vent and complain all you want!
Thanks other Bonnie. I try so hard to not whine and complain to family. 2 brothers have enough of their own problems and 2 sisters don't give a crap. This site gets me through the long hard days.
Oh my, that is a doozy. Poor you, poor Mom....poor YOU!
One time my brother was talking to my mom on the cordless phone as she was going up the stairs on her stair lift-do not ask me why she felt she could do both -and my brother said he heard the phone fall all of a sudden and then CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK and then---"William , William ( my Dad's name -well, not really but I don't want to use his real name) heeelllppp. "and then click. The phone hung up. He tried to call back but no one as answered for awhile. I am sure my Dad was picking up my Mom. Finally they called him back and said everyone was OK. He was so worried. Not only was Mom trying to talk on the phone while using her stair lift but she was also trying to take up a basket of laundry!!! This was a few years ago. She is not that able to even attempt that now. But she is still stubborn as all heck!! She will scoot herself around in her wheel chair and get into all kinds of trouble. She is a stinker. Haha.
Sorry you are having a rough day!!! (((hugs))))
Thanks Mishka. We are all in the same boat. It's great to have each other to talk to.
Do you go by Boni or Bonnie?
Just have to go with the flow (no pun intended:) I guess. How old is your mom and is she living with you and family?
(Mishka and I have a sense of humor that not all on this site get)
I can well imagine that your story will improve with telling as the days go on. You'll forget the nasty shit (again, no pun) and just remember the wide eyed awakening!
Sounds like you are the main caregiver with out much hope for changes so go ahead and vent. We've been through some if not all of what you are facing. Well, maybe not that bad as your morning although my 94 yr. old mom was having bladder "issues" and told me how terrible it was one time when she tried to rush to the powder room but couldn't get her feet to move fast enough to slip on the new bedroom slippers I had sent...when, she had to use the slipper to pee into! At first she was horrified and when she told me about it, I cracked up laughing. Told her I was super glad I had gotten her the boot style slippers!

so take a deep breath, blow it out and try, try, try to laugh. If it wasn't poop, then you are lucky! If it was poop...well, you started a very shitty day and it can't get worse! (or does it???)
Very funny! I know it's time for me to tell my whole story, but I am too exhausted to type today....and most days. I will soon. I have a similar sense of humor and believe that's what keeps me coming to this site. If we can't laugh we would all cry....and cry and cry. I will be sharing more soon. I have been reading this site for a while, and just started posting. Thanks for being here for me today ladies. and It's Roni, short for veronica, but mom calls me boni. Another way I have lost myself.
Bonnie! Hi! I was just thinking of you. Funny slipper story!!! Haha. Roni, I am glad you can laugh. It really does help. And I am glad you are posting. :0)
Boni Roni, I share your sense of dread. I'm glad nothing was broken and you were able to get her up. Not a good way to start off the day. I think I would have gone back to bed after that -- enough for the day... :)
His Boni, ladies. I too can sooo relate, only for me it's not the sound of the crash but the ringing of the phone. I don't live with my MIL but we're right around the corner from her. She pushes her Lifeline button and our phone starts ringing...my heart leaps into my throat, my stomach ties up in knots....falls are always so scary, and such a crappy way to wake up! It's also good to be able to laugh about them once you know everyone's ok. Several months ago MIL lost her balance trying to transfer off the toilet. She felt herself going and, in her words "grabbed onto the handrail and just slid down easy". This was around 2 AM. Thankfully she wasn't hurt but we found her in a very awkward - and compromising - position, scrunched between the toilet and her washing machine with her nightgown up around her waist and no Depend on (she "hadn't gotten around to that yet"). She'd pulled the package of Depends out of the cupboard and was using it for a pillow, and there were two rolls of TP wedged between her feet and the base of the toilet...I have NO idea how she managed to get them down there but her reasoning behind it was she thought she could use them for "leverage". To do what?, I asked. "To get myself up!" (like, duh!) I said, And how did that work for ya? She gave me a wry smile and said "not so good" and we both laughed. Her mind works in mysterious ways sometimes but I love her!
Thanks for another giggle. Going to bed now. Let's hope I wake to the birds singing tomorrow!

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