My Mom fell at the rehab center on 01/08/15.

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As a result of the fall my mom was in the emergency room dehyrated and in pain. The pain was a result of too much calcium in the body. I called the center the Friday asking to speak with the director. I was told that she was on another line. So I left a message. I simply wanted to know how my Mother fell. The Director had the nurse call me back. It was an unwitness fall. The nurse was passing by and they found her on the floor. I never received a call from the Director on the matter. Instead I was ask should they hold a bed for my mother for and additional $100.00 more. I said yes because at the time I did not know that my Mom was consider a hospice patient. I figure once the hospital stay was over she would go back to re-hab. My question is that I am in the middle of getting guardian ship for her. I was made her healthcare proxy Saturday 01/10/15. She went into afib. Her wishes are not to have CPR and she does not want a pace maker implanted. I obeyed her wishes. Should I continue persuing the guardian ship for her at this point?

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