Mom died Thursday, April 16th.

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She rallied in early afternoon and wanted to be fed. She choked on her ice cream, and died immediately. She was almost 88, and had starved herself down to maybe 75 lbs. I think we are all at peace finally without anymore possibility of her influencing any of the family negatively. Thank goodness, my sister agreed on a very short visitation and only graveside services.


sounds like your family had some issues . good luck working that out . in the meantime i think you shouldnt take any unnecessary chances . throw the rest of that ice cream out .
My condolences. I hope your family has some peace now. (((((hugs))))
I am so sorry for your loss...time to take stock of your life now and find what you want xxx
Sorry for your loss! Hope things straighten out soon.
So sorry - not just for losing her - but for those last years being so hard. HUGS!!

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