My mother is obsessively picking her nose.

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She says there are pockets and she needs to get the top off to get the powder/dirt out!! The doctor has checked it and there is no infection. There was a minor irritation,but I'm surprised that it was only minor! In addition to being a constant irritant, I'm afraid it will get infected. She also has a spot below her lip that is raw from picking.


This is hilarious. My mom does this too and really seems quite oblivious to it.
My mother does this a lot. So did my father. I wonder if it is all part of getting older and losing inhibitions. Thank goodness she doesn't do it in public.
Join the club. My mom is constantly at the area between her right eyebrow and hairline.She says there's sand in the area. Now going on about 6 months and so far no infection. She had a right shoulder rotor cuff repair years ago and her right arm does not have full range of motion. Does that keep her from getting to the spot? No! She uses her good left arm/hand to support her right arm so she can get at it. Too funny.

I just did a mini manicure on her over Easter visit and cut her nails super short which helps. She has MD orders for Neosporin on area every night. The social worker said that we were lucky as it is super common and some pick areas that are best unseen.
Oh, man... The more I learn, the more I dread getting old. :P
My fil started doing this just this week. Do I just let it happen, or do I say, we need to use a tissue when we do this in public, or do I say lets go to the bathroom so you can clean your nose?
*blushing furiously* I have had this problem ever since I used meth-amphetamine and I am 21 years meth free now. But only at home alone or in bathrooms. There is one spot inside my nose that has never not itched and has a huge scab that fills up my nostril so I can't breathe. I try really hard to just blow my nose but it doesn't make it come out and it doesn't stop the itching. When I am with people I end up just rubbing the outside of my nose with the back of my hand until it turns red, sometimes I'll get a really bad nosebleed this way. I've tried vasoline, ointments, numbing creams. *sigh* I got caught when I was at a stop light once and I wanted to die. Now I find out I am an old lady too. Just great.

I have tried keeping my nails super short, I've cut them so short that they bled. I tried wearing a rubber band and snapping it when I caught myself. I tried growing my nails long and doing them up pretty so I wouldn't want to mess up my manicure. The best luck I had was acrylic nails because my finger nails were too thick, but it totally ruined my nails after a month or two, and then I began picking my cuticles. *sigh* I do believe that this is a form of self injury. I did less of this when I was cutting myself. Buy them some dark blue and bright red bandannas and only ask that they not do it in public or in front of you. And good luck with that.

I am so going to be the pits as an elderly lady, where do I go to sign off? My kids don't need this crap.
@ igloo572: maybe it's early onset of shingles? with early onset, you experience an irritating 'tingle' sensation under the skin, that no scratching can ever relieve...
PamelaSue, congratulations on getting off the meth, hope you are still clean. Please go to see an ear/nose/throat doctor who can prescribe you something that will clear that scab up and try to leave it you knit, do crafts or anything else with your hands? If you keep them busy you will have less time to pick at it.
My mother is picking her nose too. Usually in her room but I have caught her at it. She will also pick at "sores" on her face until it is a mess of scabs!! She picks at her head too and only gets her hair done every two weeks (washed and set) because she will not let the careperson wash her hair.
What I found is that if they are compulsive by nature when they were younger, then it is exacerbated when they get old.....this one would never leave anything alone and was always picking at a cut, sore, boil or splinter that I or my sibling might have. It's a sickness and probably part of OCD and her mental issues.
anniecat, shingles are usually around the chest/back/waist area so I don't think it sounds like that.
Pam - try gel nails. They are better than acrylics
Yes seven, 21 years clean on March 15th and still going. No one will ever take this from me. I fought good and hard for it. I lived with a meth addict while getting clean. THAT is power.

Seven, is your mother on any opiates? Opiate use or abuse makes you want to pick your face, your arms, etc. I noticed it when I was on vicodin for my gallbladder, and it got worse when I was switched to morphine.

Joan, that was my last try last spring; I was so excited. I even learned how to do french nails. My nails are like paper now, I passed the polishes and little LED ultra violet light machine on to ErinAnne. I give up. I guess I should have clarified, to me they are nearly synonymous.

Oh gosh, my mother always wanted to pop my zits when I was a teenager, I refused to let her, she freaked me out.

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