My 73 year old mom keeps buying things and overdrawing her bank account.

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My mom lives on a fixed income. she keeps going online or calling QVC to buy things she doesn't need! I have had to take her to her bank to cancel her debit card & get a new one many times!! She doesn't understand she's getting scammed. Don't know how many times I have explained this to her, it's getting old and I'm tired of this behavior. I have to monitor her bank account, i am ready to put her on an allowance and take her bank card away! HELP!!


Ok. Good idea. You have to get the FEAR into her about the Internet.
My mother did the PCH and wasted a lot of money on donating to scams.
If you are in charge at any level, put your foot down and nip it in the bud. Maybe tell her the FBI may be stopping by to discuss the Internet problem. Safe Fear.
I know the online or catalogue shopping gets expensive really fast! I mean really...How many sets of bowls with lids does one person need! Went through it with my mother in law until we took over all finances. Maybe to control it a bit get her a prepaid debit card with a set amount on it. You can reload it monthly so she will still have a little spending money, but only a fixed amount?
Put her on an allowance and take her bank card away! If you have the authority to do that and she won't object too strenuously (threatening to take your authority away, etc.) then that would be simplest, kindest solution.
Going through the same thing with my father and its not easy, we don't want to take things away from him, you get enough taken away from you when you get old, but I guess he is leaving us no choose but to put him on an allowance and take away the cards. Time to reverse the roles and its not easy.
It's really hard when you're faced with a situation that leaves you no choice but to start dictating what your parents can or can't do because old age has left them incompetent in some way. Money is a big deal and if she's being irresponsible it can only lead to bad things. I applaud you for being so on top of things! Do you have any control over her account so that you can put a monthly spending limit? Or maybe you could work it out so that her income is in one savings account and only leave a little spending money in her checking account so that when that's gone her card will be declined from these QVC orders.
Oh wow she is an old lady she worked for her money stop being such a baby about it My grams is always doing fingerhut qvc and hsn they deserve it!

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