My Mom bothers me too much.

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My mother bothers me so much she is always telling me to do this or do that and me this or get me that it is really annoying and getting old and she takes control I can not live on my own because I am disabled and she is on a oxygen but she can move she does not want to get out of the bed sometimes shes does that is only when I am asleep but when I get up boom its my turn and has been since


It's important to know your limits and discuss them with her MD. It's almost impossible to be a caregiver when you are disabled, and the doctor should address that by ordering home care, or recommending ALF for one or both of you.
pamstegman said it perfectly and there's not much I can add. Please take care of yourself.
I want to second those that say it sounds like you are not in good enough health to care for someone else. She is liable to outlive you. Then, where will she be?
Your profile says your mother suffers from depression. Boo hoo - don't we all at times?. There are medications for that.
ive seen depression , melancholic depression , ( potential self harm there ) and BP depressive episodes . BP can drag a person into a state of blacker than black . its very disturbing to deal with as a carer .
Ashlynne, depression really is a disease, it really can be debilitating, and while there are treatments for it, they are not always totally effective. I have sympathy for the mother in this case. Also Mom is on oxygen, so obviously she has additional impairments.

But, poor Mom or not, jackiehammack20 you do not need to bear the brunt of her mean moods and you cannot be responsible for her care.

Are you on disability, jackiehammack20? If so, contact your case worker and discuss your needs and your limitations in taking care of Mom. If not, does Mom have a case worker? If there is no case worker already assigned to either of you, contact your county Human Services department and ask for a needs assessment. It is too bad it isn't working out for the two of you to look after each other, keep each other company, and be cheer leaders for each other. But it isn't. Not Your Fault. Probably Not Your Mother's Fault. But it does need correcting.

Please, bring in a professional case worker/social worker/needs assessor. You can't do this on your own.
Jeanne, I fell into the same assumption as you, only realizing as I skimmed through the posts that Jackie posted back in 2014.
Thanks, GA. I ususally catch that. WHY don't original posts in the discussion section get a date stamp?!
Jeanne, I wish something would be done - other forums block new posts for old posts that should be archived. They could be available to pull up and read, but closed to new posts.

But if there were dates on the original posts, we could see right away that it's an old thread.

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